Both interior and exterior concrete surfaces don’t have to have a pretty boring, grey look. Painting the concrete is a wide-spread solution, especially in painting pool decks or concrete floors.
Painting the concrete pool deck keeps the pool a good-looking, but it is not only an aesthetic solution. Painted concrete is less slippery than unpainted when it gets wet, so this activity is important because of swimmers’ safety.
Skillful pool owners often choose to paint the concrete by themselves, because they don’t see it as a difficult job. But, in the most cases, owners choose professionals whose services are time and effort savers.
The process of painting the concrete begins with a thorough preparation of concrete area. The concrete surface needs to be cleaned with water and proper chemicals and old paint should be removed. There are also special chemicals that prevent discoloration of paint. Further, a concrete patch is used to fill in any existing cracks or breaks. Then, the concrete should be sealed with concrete sealant. This doesn’t allow moisture to come through cement.
Painting the concrete starts with the first coat, and then the painting process should be repeated after 24 hours. Sometimes the third coat is needed.
Choosing the right color for the right concrete is a tricky part because there are many colors on the market. Also, further steps are not as simple as they look. It is always better to at least consult the professionals than to make mistakes because corrections often can be very expensive.

Painting the Concrete Reston VA

A company that provides painting the concrete of pool decks, as well as many other pool services in Reston, VA is the Residential Pool LLC. It is a family-owned licensed company in Reston, VA, that offers different pool services, including pool maintenance, pool caulking, replacing pool filter, and much more. Residential Pool Service LLC in Reston, VA offers different packages of services at a very competitive price.

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